Interviewing Spinlister

We were lucky to have a chat with Marcelo Loureiro, CEO of the innovative new start-up Spinlister, a global bicycle sharing organisation. Spinlister connects bicycle owners with people who need to borrow one through a listing service, allowing flexible rental agreements.

Q. You launched in 2012, what was your first year like in terms of growth?

A. We got a lot of press and lots of hype, even though as it is a marketplace, the growth was slow but consistent.

Q. Did your idea take off immediately or was it a long journey?

A. A marketplace is always a long journey as you have to build the 2 sides , supply and demand at the same time.

Q. What was the original inspiration and vision for Spinlister?

A. The original founder had the idea when traveling to NYC and need a bike for 2 weeks, there were no long term rentals on bike shops but there were a lot of people with unused bike, so that’s how the inspiration came.

Q. From an environmental perspective this is a brilliant organisation. Was the eco-aspect always important or just a bi-product of the original business concept?

A. The environment is always an important part of the Spinlister core values, as it involved reusing idle gear instead of buying, traffic solution for urban cities and also the health of the users.

Q. 2 years on has the vision evolved?Spinlister website

A. The vision is always evolving, as you are always learning while doing it, now we keep our 100% focus on bikes but we also allow surf and snow gear to be shared on our platform.

Q.What are your plans for the future of Spinlister?

A. We see Spinlister being a destination for bike rentals globally, if you think you need a bike somewhere you will be able to find on Spinlister, the type and size you need at the location you want.

Q. Spinlister is a catchy name; do you have any plans for expanding the brand into cyclist apparel?

A. We agree on the catchy name but no apparel on the plans now.

Q. How do you overcome people feeling nervous about lending their bicycle/snowboard etc. to a stranger?

A. We have an open channel of communication with all our users and we insure bike listers up to $10,000 , so as soon as they learn that they have the peace of mind to list and rent their gear out.

Q. What has been the highlight of Spinlister’s journey so far?

A. The user experience from our community, all the positive feedback that we have on daily basis from our users is what keep us motivated to keep working hard

Q. What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs?

A. Don’t believe the hype – its always harder than you think and than it looks, work hard with passion and focus and most important : don’t give up.


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